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Royal Television Award and International Film and Music Award winning composer, with over 50 film and television credits, and solo album releases. Andrew's music sweeps beautiful melodies and complex harmonies through a creative approach to classical, electronic and modern music.

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"The music is everything as described but more. You listen, feel it, remember it; it moves you, like great, timeless pieces should. Every song is exquisite in composition and play." - Ikiryo ★★★★★ Album Review.
“Andrew Simon McAllister's 80's synth wave score perfectly creates the period and tone for the film that adds an extra dimension.” – ROYAL TELEVISION AWARDS
"The film layers in a effective music score by Andrew Simon McAllister to augment the drips, creaks, titters, crunches, crackles and footfalls which continues even when the screen goes dark.” – KIM NEWMAN
“Composer Andrew Simon McAllister brings the music to life and it feels like another character due to the prominence of music throughout….CONCLUSION: With a knockout music soundtrack, maybe… just maybe… this film could have legs.” – LA TIMES
Film and Television
The Devil's Doorway
Film 4
'The Devils Doorway' is now playing on Film 4. It begins airing from Saturday 12th September.
Venice Film Festival
Nowhere Special
'Nowhere Special', written and directed by Academy Award-nominee Uberto Pasolini, will premiere Venice Film Festival. The score was composed by Andrew.
Made In A Day
Now Airing on Nat Geo
12 Part National Geo Series "Made In A Day" is now airing every Thursday 9pm on the National Geographic HD Channel, available on Sky, Virgin etc.
TCL Mobile
TCL Cinema Advert
Andrew has scored the advert for TCL mobile phones. The advert will be played in cinemas before film showings and is being used by TCL to annouce the company bringing their mobile devices to the UK.
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