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Hi, welcome to my website. I am an artist, film and television composer. On this site you can find out what I have been up to lately, releasing music, scoring to picture. For more information about me and my awards visit the news page, feel free to look at my works page for list of current albums and credits and please check out some music.

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Film and Television
Venice Film Festival
Nowhere Special
'Nowhere Special', written and directed by Academy Award-nominee Uberto Pasolini, will premiere Venice Film Festival. The score was composed by Andrew.
TCL Mobile
TCL Cinema Advert
Andrew has scored the advert for TCL mobile phones. The advert will be played in cinemas before film showings and is being used by TCL to annouce the company bringing their mobile devices to the UK.
Classical-Crossover Album Released Soon
An album of all new classical-crossover material is being released soon across all digital platforms. A personal album that reflects growing up and life experiences.

Memories is a classical-crossover album mixing piano, 40-piece string orchestra, choir, soprano, percussion with sound design, effects and old synths like Moogs, Prophets, Jupiter and Juno 80's.
My Left Nut
BBC 3-Part Comedy Series
Andrew has created a unique electronic score for the BBC comedy series 'My Left Nut'. The series premiered on BBC3, the BBC iPlayer and broadcast nationwide on BBC One.

Find out more about the BBC series here...
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