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Cinema Released Film Starring James Norton
About Andrew
Royal Television Award and International Film and Music Award winning composer, with over 50 film and television credits, and solo album releases. Andrew's music sweeps beautiful melodies and complex harmonies through a creative approach to classical, electronic and modern music.

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"The music is everything as described but more. You listen, feel it, remember it; it moves you, like great, timeless pieces should. Every song is exquisite in composition and play." - Ikiryo ★★★★★ Album Review.
“Andrew Simon McAllister's 80's synth wave score perfectly creates the period and tone for the film that adds an extra dimension.” – ROYAL TELEVISION AWARDS
"The film layers in a effective music score by Andrew Simon McAllister to augment the drips, creaks, titters, crunches, crackles and footfalls which continues even when the screen goes dark.” – KIM NEWMAN
“Composer Andrew Simon McAllister brings the music to life and it feels like another character due to the prominence of music throughout….CONCLUSION: With a knockout music soundtrack, maybe… just maybe… this film could have legs.” – LA TIMES
Andrew Simon McAllister's original score fits the entire Agatha Christie affair nicely. – The Independent
Film and Television
Feature Film Released
Horror film 'Mandrake' is released on streaming service Shudder on November 10th.
World Soundtrack Awards
Dalgliesh Season 1 Soundtrack
Andrew has made the very prestigious World Soundtrack Awards Nominations longlist for his soundtrack to "Dalgliesh Season 1". The World Soundtrack Awards take place in Gent on October 22nd.
Dalgliesh Season 2
Detective Series
Andrew will be scoring season 2 of the detective series "Dalgliesh". After the incredible success of season 1 which saw it be the 2nd biggest show in Channel 5 history with 7 million viewers a week, the series will air again later this year.
Royal Television Awards Nomination
Three Families
Andrew has received a Royal Television Nomination for his score for the BBC One series "Three Families".
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