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Classical-Crossover Album Released Soon
An album of all new classical-crossover material is being released soon across all digital platforms. A personal album that reflects growing up and life experiences.

Aide-Mémoire is a classical-crossover album mixing piano, 40-piece string orchestra, choir, soprano, percussion with sound design, effects and old synths like Moogs, Prophets, Jupiter and Juno 80's.
Nowhere Special
Andrew finishes score on Alberto Pasolini's Feature
Andrew has scored Uberto Pasolini's feature film 'Nowhere Special', the film stars James Norton ('McMafia', 'Grantchester', 'The Trial of Christine Keeler').

A single father dedicates the last few months of his life to finding a new family for his four-year-old son.
Made In America
Natural Geographic 12-Part Series
Andrew has created the score for a 12-part Nat Geo series airing later this year.

It follows the manufacturing process of major american brands like Nike, Tesla, Gibson, Jack Daniels, etc
My Left Nut
BBC 3-Part Comedy Series
Andrew has created a unique electronic score for the BBC comedy series 'My Left Nut'. The series premiered on BBC3, the BBC iPlayer and broadcast nationwide on BBC One.

Find out more about the BBC series here...
Royal Television Awards
RTS Nomination for Torvill And Dean
Andrew has received a Royal Television Awards Nomination for Best Original Music for the ITV special 'Torvill and Dean'.

The film premiered 9pm on Christmas Day as ITV's Christmas showpiece.
Agatha Christie Soundtrack
Score to Agatha Christie Released
Andrew's score to Agatha Chirstie - Agatha and the Truth of Murder has been released.

The soundtrack is available on all platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.