Latest News
Dalgliesh Season 2
Detective Series
Andrew will be scoring season 2 of the detective series "Dalgliesh". After the incredible success of season 1 which saw it be the 2nd biggest show in Channel 5 history with 7 million viewers a week, the series will air again later this year.
Royal Television Awards Nomination
Three Families
Andrew has received a Royal Television Nomination for his score for the BBC One series "Three Families".
Feature Film
Andrew is scoring the feature documentary 'Afghanistan'. The film by Futuristic Films documents the rise of the Taliban.
Aide Mémoire
NI Music Prize
Andrew's album 'Aide Mémoire' has been long listed for the NI Music Prize Awards.
Horror Film
Andrew has scored horror feature film 'Mandrake', the film will be released in cinemas later this year.
Nowhere Special
Soundtrack Release
Andrew's score to Urberto Pasolini's film 'Nowhere Special' has been released. It is available on all digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.