“Andrew Simon McAllister's 80's synth wave score perfectly creates the period and tone for the film that adds an extra dimension.” – ROYAL TELEVISION AWARDS

"The film layers in a effective music score by Andrew Simon McAllister to augment the drips, creaks, titters, crunches, crackles and footfalls which continues even when the screen goes dark.” – KIM NEWMAN

“Composer Andrew Simon McAllister brings the music to life and it feels like another character due to the prominence of music throughout….CONCLUSION: With a knockout music soundtrack, maybe… just maybe… this film could have legs.” – LA TIMES
Awards and Nominations
- Royal Television Awards Winner
- Best Original Music

- International Film Awards Winner
- Best Original Music

- Apollo Film Awards Winner
- Best Original Music

- Raindance Special Mention
- Best Soundtrack

- World Film and Music Awards Nominated
- Best Original Music

- Royal Television Awards Nominated
- Best Title Music

- Prestige Film Awards Winner
- Best Original Music

- Irish Times Awards
- Best Scores of 2017

- Royal Television Awards Nominated (3 Times)
- Best Original Music

- Maverick Awards Nominated
- Best Original Score

Andrew Simon McAllister is an artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist whose television credits include ‘My Left Nut’, ‘Agatha and The Truth of Murder’, ‘Searching for Shergar’, ‘Dispatches’, primetime drama ‘The Secret’ for ITV, starring James Nesbitt and directed by Nick Murphy, BBC ‘Planet Earth – Planet of the Apemen’ and BBC WWI drama ‘37 Days’ starring Ian McDiarmid, Tim Pigott-Smith and Nicholas Farrell, for which Andrew received a Royal Television Awards nomination. Andrew won a Royal Television Society Award for his score for feature documentary ‘Rocky Ros Muc’ and composed the score for ITV drama ‘Torvill and Dean’ which broadcast on Christmas Day 2018.

Feature film credits include Alberto Pasolini's 'Nowhere Special', ‘The Devil’s Doorway’, ‘Hostage to the Devil’, ‘We’re Doomed! The Dad’s Army Story’, ‘Shooting for Socrates’, ‘The Healer’, ‘The Breaker’ and ‘My Lonely Me’. His soundtrack for ‘My Lonely Me’ was nominated for Best Soundtrack at the World Music and Independent Film Awards and won a Silver Award at the International Independent Film Awards. In 2015 Andrew composed the music for Endemol’s TV movie ‘We’re Doomed! The Making of Dad’s Army’ for BBC2, which was broadcast on Christmas Day.

Andrew spent several years performing and touring in bands before dedicating his career to composing music for screen. After studying music at Queen’s University in Belfast, he relocated to the U.S. to enhance his knowledge of writing to picture. Here he attended Berklee College of Music, graduating Summa Cum Laude in Film Scoring. Andrew started writing and producing music professionally and gained valuable industry experience in LA before returning to work in the UK.

His professional background of composing music for screen includes films, television series for broadcasting giants (such as the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, National Geographic, Discovery, Sky and MTV), indents and video games. He has also built up a strong relationship with senior Hollywood music supervisors, having had music placed in major feature films, television programs and adverts.

In 2020 Andrew released a beautiful and delicate piano classical-crossover album 'Sketches on a Lazy Day' which features words by renowned author Isabelle Broom performed by actor Bronagh Waugh. The album is available on all digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

Andrew's most recent work is the score to the BBC drama series 'Three Families' produced by Studio Lambert, directed by Alex Kalymnios starring Genevieve O'Reilly, Sinéad Keenan, Colin Morgan and Amy James-Kelly.